woensdag 10 februari 2016

Chocolate Tree Scotland UK in Belgium.

From the start I liked the wrappers of the Chocolate Tree bars, people buy not only chocolate but also the packaging sometimes does miracles.

The Chocolate Tree started their chocolate adventure selling chocolates and treats on the festival circuit around Britain. Ali and Friederike Gower traveled around the country selling chocolate from a homemade solar powered geodesic dome, and they quickly discovered how popular their products were.

So I contacted the Chocolate Tree Kitchen of Alastair  and Friederike (Friederike is also the artist of the tessellations!).
 Soon Alastair did contacted me back:
...Thank you for getting in touch, yes we would be delighted to supply you in Belgium! I like your chocolates decorated using transfer sheets of the makers logos!...(mutual respect is important and nice).

By 2007, the couple were selling their wares at farmers markets and starting to make a name for themselves on the east coast of Scotland.

Deciding to settle down in one place, they opened a chocolaterie and café in Edinburgh in 2009 where they sell a full range of organic bars, filled chocolates and baked goods.

But that wasn’t enough form them, and being adventurous types, they decided to start making their own chocolate directly from the bean. They’re one of only a handful of artisans in the UK making chocolate from the bean in the UK, and they’ve had to learn quickly.

Now, less than 2 years since they started making chocolate commercially, The Chocolate Tree is producing some of the best tasting chocolate we’ve tried recently. Beautifully presented in thick, floral wrappers and gold foil, it looks every bit as good as it tastes.

Find below the pictures of the chocolate bars available in Belgium-Kortrijk in my shop.


maandag 1 februari 2016

Good cocoa, better chocolate.

Begin februari vinden de activiteiten van Chocoa plaats. Chocoa richt zich op het verduurzamen van de cacaoketen, een productieketen waar, zoals we weten, nog heel wat te doen is.

Het Chocoa Festival op 6 & 7 februari presenteert duurzame chocolades en aanverwante producten aan het publiek. el Sauco geeft hier een voorproefje van het Origin Chocolate Event (Oktober) met een uitgebreide stand en proeverijen. 

Ontmoet beroemde chocolademakers en -experts 

Ervaar hoe lekker duurzame chocolade kan zijn, in een prachtige locatie in Amsterdam 

Proef verschillende soorten chocolade van fantastische banketbakkers en chocolademakers

Combineer wijn- en etenscombinaties met chocolade in gratis proeverijen 

Kom meer te weten over de ontwikkelingen van duurzame cacao-productie voor grote consumentenmerken

Leer over de cacaoketen, van cacaoboon naar chocoladereep 

Ontdek de nieuwste trends en ontwikkelingen in de chocoladewereld

el Sauco geeft u de mogelijkheid om met 2 personen gratis langs te komen op zondag. Meld hiervoor aan bij vera@elsauco.biz

Op www.chocoa.nl vindt u meer details.

Wij hopen u in Amsterdam te ontmoeten!

ALLE AWARD WINING ORIGIN CHOCOLATE BEAN TO BAR zijn verkrijgbaar in onze winkel te Kortrijk 

donderdag 14 januari 2016

Making flavours exceptional.

Discover Benelux, Issue 25, January 2016

This issue features: Interview with Dutch DJ Afrojack. Also featured in this issue: Belgian Chocolate - Loved all over the World; Visit Utrecht, Bruges and The Hague Specials; Belgian Festival Guide 2016 and Belgian Beer Adventure. Our regulars include Dedicated to Design, Fashion Finds, Hotel- and Event of the Month as well as Business and Culture.

"Loved all over the world" te lezen van pagina 10 tot en met 15.

zaterdag 9 januari 2016


Chocolates for Japan, St.Valentine

PC relief HAZELNUTS 60%

Pictures does not always link the chocolates on the flavour for Japan.

donderdag 7 januari 2016

Keep this in your head this year!!

Soft ganache of The Grenada Chocolate Company 60%  organic dark chocolate Nib-A-Licious crispy cocoa nibs.

Fair Transport Chocolate of the Caribbean sun.

Tasting notes: sweet chocolaty, balanced by crispy cocoa nibs, extra fruity, notes of citrus, banana, dried fruit, white fruit.

dinsdag 29 december 2015

The Ultimate Chocolate Blog: Let's Not Forget: Chocolatiers are artisans too!

The Ultimate Chocolate Blog: Let's Not Forget: Chocolatiers are artisans too!: With all of the controversy about Mast Brothers Chocolate this week, and whether or not they make the chocolate from scratch (i.e. from  be...

Geert Vercruysse